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Who is Bella Russomanno?

Bella Russomanno is an educator, mentor, artist, psychotherapist and astrologer.


Your mission is to help women expand their horizons through their femininity,
self-esteem and personal power
to feel fulfilled in the world.


She is the founder of Cosmic Anatomy, the therapeutic method that aims to integrate the health of the body,
of mind and spirit. He has been teaching courses for 7 years, experiences of oriental bodily practices
(yoga and belly dancing), tantra and sexuality, astrology, psychology, spirituality and the arts.


In 2016 he began his studies in psychology and continues in its development to this day,
deepening in the areas of body psychology, humanist and transpersonal.


Nowadays, Bella found in her work the union of science and spirituality -

an awakening journey from soul to body, body to soul.

Offers online mentoring, therapeutic services,
artistic courses and events to return to our state of Self Original.


The Contemporary Priestess is a vessel of Eternity; a channel of the Goddess, truth, beauty, wisdom and Love. It is a woman awakened in her femininity and the power of the goddess in her body.


She is deeply connected to her femininity, sensuality, medicine, essential beauty and soul wisdom. You are not afraid to take on your true divine gift and work with your mission, allowing yourself to live and co-create the

plenty of your dream job.

She is a woman who honors and believes in ancestry

but it also makes room for the new.

Image by Jeremy Bezanger


- Intimate Mentoring : self-knowledge, tantra, sexuality and psychotherapy for relationships.

- Vocational Mentoring : career development combined with astrology and psychology.

- Artistic Mentoring : artistic direction and curatorship.

I AM ALREADY A STUDENT Contemporary Priestess®