Online Teaching

Teaching for the harmony of an integrated life

Harmony Way has as its mission to bring education and teaching in a light and spontaneous way, through regular classes, courses and retreats - generating accessibility, integration and union of groups from different cities and country, with a common goal: to generate a better world for all of us.



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What is our purpose?

We understand that the Harmony Way is a principle.

Just as there are many rivers but they all follow gravity to get to the ocean,

there are many paths within the Harmony Way.

Just as extremes of cold and heat make life difficult, we must avoid extremes,

the Harmony Way being a dynamic balance - the middle path.

The Harmony Way practices and therapies should not be aggressive or invasive,

respecting the time and evolutionary process of each Being.

We must honor the past and build our present from the experience gained

and glimpse our future.

Harmony is connection, and the walker seeks to harmoniously integrate the polarities,

without segregation or prejudice.

The polarities are male and female, past and future, ancestral and modern,

spirituality and science, general antagonisms in the world.

Polarities and differences should not be a reason for disagreement,

but rather the finding of a Harmony Way between them.

We believe that the existence of the Harmony Way is a principle of life and existence.

Everyone can walk in harmony.

It is possible to transcend suffering by finding harmony.

Beings and the planet can be happy if we find the Harmony Way in all areas of life.

Our future is Harmonic.

Testimonials from our clients & students

"I started in Martial Arts at the age of 52 and after I started practicing, I feel more focused, analytical, I have acquired body mobility, logical reasoning and other benefits."

- Gilson Iochucki
(Kung Fu & Tai Chi Chuan)