Love's Way

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The Love's Way consists of offering ancestral knowledge combined with modern knowledge in the area of sexuality and the relationship between male and female energies.

Drinking from the Indian source of Tantra, we bring you several concepts and visions that can improve your relationship with your partner, or even with yourself.


We offer courses and consultations, aimed at both couples and single people.

The connection with the other must start with the connection with yourself.


The Contemporary Priestess is a vessel of Eternity; a channel of the Goddess, truth, beauty, wisdom and Love. It is a woman awakened in her femininity and the power of the goddess in her body.


She is deeply connected to her femininity, sensuality, medicine, essential beauty and soul wisdom. You are not afraid to take on your true divine gift and work with your mission, allowing yourself to live and co-create the

plenty of your dream job.

She is a woman who honors and believes in ancestry

but it also makes room for the new.



Regular classes by Joshua Platform of Kung Fu

Martial Philosophy

Physical health

strength and flexibility

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