Harmony Way

Our Principles

What underlies our thoughts, feelings and actions, representing the ideals of something much bigger than us, a cause, based on Harmony


Our References

We are an ecumenical and global group, so we respect and revere many of the world's teachers and religions. However, we selected two references of the ideal of Harmony in the world, each one representing a hemisphere of the globe (west and east) and a polarity.

(male and female):

Jesus Christ and Kwan Yin

Harmony Walker Requirements


  • Harmony Way is a Principle;

  • Just as there are many rivers but they all follow gravity to reach the ocean, there are many paths within the Harmony Way;

  • Just as extreme cold and heat make life difficult, we must avoid extremes, the Harmony Way being a dynamic balance (Middle Way);

  • The practices and therapies of the Harmony Way must not be aggressive or invasive, respecting the time and evolutionary process of each Being;

  • We must honor the past (roots) and from the experience acquired build our present (trunk) and envision our future (top);

  • Harmony is connection, and the Walker seeks to harmoniously integrate polarities without segregation or prejudice;

  • The polarities are masculine and feminine, past and future, ancestral and modern, spirituality and science, general antagonisms of the world;

  • The polarities should not be a reason for discord, but for finding a Harmony Way between them.


  • The existence of the Harmony Way is a principle of life and existence;

  • Everyone can Walk in Harmony;

  • It is possible to transcend suffering by finding Harmony;

  • Beings and the planet can be harmonious if we find the Harmony Way in all areas of life;

  • Our future is Harmonic.